Art and Handicrafts

Across the land of green rice paddies, shining blue waters, great wandering rivers and lush forests, the people of Cambodia are re-learning the arts of their ancestors.


Gem-colored silk in a brilliant array of colors are stacked floor to ceiling in shops at Phnom Penh and Siem Reap. This Cambodian handicraft has been passed down from generation to generation. You can visit silk weavers in various places in Cambodia including Kandal, Prey Veng and Takeo provinces. The colours of traditional Khmer silk costumes are historically associated with the week as follows:
Yellow for Monday, Purple for Tuesday, Green and Copper on Wednesday, Green for Thursday, Blue on Friday, Violet Saturday and Red for Sunday.


The art of the Silversmith reached its height in Cambodia during the century when crafted objects were used primarily by Royalty and upper classes for ceremonial purposes including funerals and rituals. You will find city market stalls offering many silver iterms for sales including intricate fruit and animal designs as well as traditional style prices pieces.


Wood carvings reflect strong spiritual beliefs with roots in animism from the pillars of a house to the elaborate motifs of the moon, stars, fruit and flowers. Houses are built with great attention given to the pillars, each having its own spirit of a woman , and roofs feature elaborate carved motifs. Miniature “Spirit Houses “are strategically placed at homes and other building and they are used for offerings of food, flowers and incense. Carved boxes and statues are used for ornamentation and furniture.
Stone carving is another popular art from and again you will find many vendors in the tourist markets offering pieces for sale. There is an excellent array of reproduction available.