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When you arrive in Cambodia it is immediately apparent that the people are struggling. Some are struggling to get started. Some are struggling to survive. Everywhere there are opportunities to help.

The Kim San Foundation seeks to create and support projects that reduce poverty levels and increase educational and economic opportunities throughout Cambodia. Our projects provide training and assistance in the areas of health, education, clean water and economic development. As we see new problems develop, we focus resources and attention to solve those problems.

The Kim San Foundation is a non-political and non-religious endeavor established by Kim San & some friends based in USA, provided opportunity for people in poverty in Cambodia and supported the needs of many orphan children in Siem Reap. Kimsan is delighted to serve you through his travel services as well as his desire to assist children in obtaining an education.

Known for warm, beguiling smiles, smiles that have weathered great hardship, Khmer people are very friendly, approachable, and helpful.

2/ About us

He is a survivor of the Cambodian civil war. He was caught in cross fire and wounded when he was 12 years old while riding his bike to school. His father and grandfather were both killed in the Khmer Rouge killing fields, but he does not seem bitter about it. It simply turns out just to be a fact of life for him.

He is a wonderfully knowledgeable guide, a warm and loving person and a true humanitarian working diligently to improve the life of those less fortunate in the rural areas of Cambodia.

Kimsan makes many gifts of food, rice, and pens and books for the children’s benefit and education. Children in Cambodia start primary school when they are six years old. If they can afford to stay in school, primary school lasts for six years and middle or high school are three years each. Public Schools in Cambodia are free but because of the family poverty, the children often stop going to school. Many children begin then to loose hope of a better life and others begin sniffing glue. Kimsan believes, because of his own hard schooling experience, that education will lead children towards a responsible adult life that’s why I founded The Kim San Foundation immediately upon my return to the US after our time together in Cambodia.

3/ Donation

The Kim San Foundation appreciates your donation in helping us to support the orphans, street children, and poor children from indigent families, the disabled and teachers in remote area.

These funds are used to buy supplies shoes and uniforms for primary and secondary school children.

Especially Kimsan invites you to join him in sponsoring educational opportunities for several young people and poor people from the remote areas. If you would like to combine a visit to Cambodia with helping in the community.

Real Donor Recommendation:

I would like to let everyone know that during my trip to Siem Reap and Angkor in July, 2010
I had the great pleasure to engage the services of Mr. Kim San as a tour guide for three days.  During this time I leaned about his private foundation that focuses on providing pedal bikes to young children in the rural areas of Cambodia as an incentive to keep them in school.
Students often have to travel long distances to school, become discouraged and simply drop out.  The bikes are a great incentive and make a huge difference.  We both agree that education is the key to promoting a stable and productive society and must be a very high priority.
So far my initial contribution to the Kim San Foundation has resulted in the award of five bikes to young kids in rural Cambodia.  I have pledged to keep up regular contributions to help sustain this program, and I wish to encourage others to also contribute.
The Kim San Foundation also uses contributions to drill wells in rural villages to provide clean drinking water and to provide water to residents to be able to grow their own vegetables at the subsistence level so they do not have to buy at retail.

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4/ General Activities

By working at the local level and focusing on basic needs such as clean water, education, health, emergency relief and other community based issues, The Kim San Foundation helps to develop projects that start small, but with outside support, gain momentum and change lives.

  1. To promote education through vocational skills, life-skills and by providing indigent family support.
  2. To conduct research into the situations of the poor and suffering people.
  3. To provide external education systems and help provide technical training to children and disabled who are not able to pay the fee for school or failed to attend other educational establishments.
  4. To provide an opportunity to learn vocational skills, sculpture, craft, painting, dancing, music and traditional Cambodian leather-drama to protect the national tradition and culture whilst protecting them from vagrants.
  5. To promote the gathering of orphans and the disabled in every community in Cambodia nation wide. All must be educated and taken care of to avoid becoming victim to poverty, loneliness, literacy, child-trafficking or drug abuse.
  6. To help disclose the convention of the United Nations children’s rights to the children and to the parents. All levels to competent instructions can be encourage them to obey the law. Providing pump wells and lecturing the advantages of clean water consumption

Clean Water Program - Clean water Fund

Real Donor Recommendation

We returned to Cambodia the first of the year to shoot a short documentary on building wells . We were there two years ago, and since then, have put in 15 wells. It was our wish to return to do a small story on the people who have received them and to further understand what it means to provide clean water to the people of Cambodia who have lost so much during the years of Pol Pot. In preparing to return, I had the good fortune to cross paths with Kim San Foundation. Although we did not meet until we arrived in Siem Reap, Kim San provided us with so much information, structure, and assistance in setting up our shooting schedule.

He suggested that we film a well being put into a community while we were there, and he arranged for everything to be in place when we arrived at the village. There were so many details that Kim San seamlessly put into place for us, it is hard to share them all.. He supported us from the moment we arrived until our departure.

We have truly left our hearts there. The quality of our experience was so enhanced by their warmth, knowledge, and energy.

The Bike Program

That is wonderful news about the purchase and award of the 5 bikes, and Kim San used the money exactly as I wished.
As we discussed during our time together, education is the key to a stable and productive society, and I know that the bikes are very important to getting the kids to school and encouraging them to stay in school.   In fact I recently found out that the kids must walk to school long way because the parents do not have money to buy the bikes for them. Kim San Foundation sponsors bike program and has made the very good point about how important that bikes are to the kids.

Finally, I did not realize until the end of my trip that Kim San also operates a foundation that provides educational incentives to elementary kids in some of the rural villages in Cambodia that gives them an incentive to stay in school simply by being given a bike. Having a bike is a huge, huge deal and a great incentive. It is simply beyond our own personal comprehension, but if you get into the rural countryside of Cambodia you will immediately understand. And the foundation also provides funding to install wells and clean drinking water to those remote villages.

Even though during our travels together, we talked about how important education was, Kim San never mentioned his foundation because apparently he did not want to give the impression that he was strong arming tourists to contribute money for this project, and that is another quality that endears him to me.

When I first learned about the foundation I subscribed on the spot and will make continuing monthly contributions.

He is a wonderfully knowledgeable guide, a warm and loving person and a true humanitarian working diligently to improve the life of those less fortunate in the rural areas of Cambodia.

Please keep up your very good work with this program.
Thank you very much for your good work with the foundation.