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Our first trip to Siem Reap, Cambodia in January 2010 was truly amazing and unforgettable. Siem Reap has such an abundance ancient temples, it would be impossible to visit them all. However, with Kim San we were able to cover so many of these incredible sites in a short amount of time. Along the way we encountered a warm and engaging local people with a friendly smile. Kim San is an experienced and reliable certified guide that we would highly recommend to everyone.  He has a rock solid ethic of punctuality, reliability, and honesty. Additionally, he is friendly and respectful with a gentle, sincere warm smile that always touches your heart. We always felt safe with him.

From the stories contained in the craving of the stone wall freezes to the local culture and traditions, Kim San’s deep knowledge and passion for his homeland shines through. He also manages to take you right to all the ideal vantage points to get those mind blowing photos. Furthermore, stories of his own personal experiences of life under the brutality of the Khmer Rouge really begin to give you an insight as to why the people of this region are so humble and appreciative of the life they now possess.

Kim San always goes out of his way to make sure that you are comfortable and well taken care of at all times. There are always plenty of moist towelettes, and bottles of cool mineral water to soothe his guests. He also makes sure you take  a fair amount of breaks, so as not to over exert yourself. If you go to visit Seam Reap, make sure you contact Kim San- someone you always will remember.

We appreciate Kim San friendship and would very much like to return to Seam Reap again one day. Thank you Kim San for making the trip possible.

Russell and Winnie - USA

E-mail: winyrs@yahoo.com


Our trip to Siem Reap in November 2009 was highlighted with the wealth of knowledge Mr. Kim San shared for the history and culture of his country.  He was very thorough with his explanation of the tour while having much enthusiasm.  He has a great insight to visit sights when and where not overly crowded with tourists and in most instances, would go the opposite direction to avoid them.  Kim provided us with the added bonus of acting photographer, pointing out choice vistas to shoot and offered many times to take pictures so that both of us would be viewed with the most spectacular background scenery !!

He has a very comfortable SRV car where the AC works extremely well. It is important to be able to cool off after each temple visit. He provided endless bottles of cold water and wet towels. He was always prompt and on time picking us up in the morning. We’ve traveled extensively throughout Asia and have used numerous tour guides, Kim San really stood out as one of the best guides we’ve ever had. Highly recommend him if you ever visit Siem Reap.

David Huang and Henry Jacobowitz - United States

E-mail: travelinghenry@gmail.com)

I am a writer working for House and Garden magazine in London. I also write extensively about travel. I decided to meet with my son Tommy who was then studying in Beiiging. He was twenty two. We decided to go to Cambodia, We were lucky enough to have Kimsan suggested as a guide by our hotel in Angkor Wat on our first day. It totally made our stay.

We spent three days with him, and a most charming driver and they are amongst the most enjoyable of my travelling life. Kimsan is the perfect guide and companion, he is considerate, knowledgeable but always discreet, allowing the visitor to savour their own impressions of the wonderful places that he takes them.

He was very clever at planning our time and arriving in popular places at their least crowded times. One always felt safe in his company even in crowds. He anticipated and arranged the tours to fit in with our stamina and interests.

I would and indeed plan, to recommend Kimsan to any visitor to Cambodia. He will ensure that time spent is never forgotten. He provides the perfect introduction to a fascinating and charming people, who have withstood hardship and terrible adversity with humanity and compassion.

I very much hope to return to Cambodia again one day.

Olinda Adeane,
Contributing editor,
House and Garden Magazine,
Conde Nast
E-mail: oadeane@aol.com

We could not have asked for a better introduction to Cambodia with a more knowledgeable and pleasant guide than Kim San. He had the wonderful ability to listen to our interests, plan our itinerary, and allow us to pursue new interests as they emerged during our exploration. For three days Kim San met us at our hotel with his excellent driver and with his own good a nature took us to the major sites at just the right times to avoid the crowds.

We particularly appreciated his knowledge of the history of each ancient site, as well as his willingness to share his experience of growing up in Cambodia during some of its most troubled and traumatic time. Our interest in the various development efforts grew as we toured the sites, countryside and neighborhoods in the Siem Reap region. Because we inquired, Kim San took us to some of the programs that are supporting children and developing artists. He also pointed out other development initiatives in the area.

Kim San¹s ability to weave the rich history of Cambodia with his personal experience, and to give us the room we needed to digest it all and respond in our own way was much appreciated. We came to Cambodia as tourists, and have left as much more aware citizens of our planet, committed to the steps we can take in our own lives to create a more sustainable world.

Pamela Meyer, Ph.D.
Carol Semrad
E-mail: pamela@meyercreativity.com
Website: www.meyercreativity.com

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Meyer Creativity Associates, Inc.
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My trip to Cambodia , Angkor Wat was truly amazing. Not only because of the beautiful country and its awesome historical temples, but also because of its friendly locals. .and one in particular, stood out - our tourguide, Kimsan - who made our whole trip even more memorable.

As far as tourguides go, Kimsan obviously knew how to get around Angkor Wat. But what was so great about this man (other than the fact that he can also speak English very well) is that he truly enjoys his job and takes it seriously - and this is dedication that just can’t be faked. Whilst I am sure that climbing up and down almost treacherous steep temple steps hundreds of times in his course of work to hundreds of different tourists would be tedious and boring, Kimsan seems to find enthusiasm somehow - in every story that he tells of the carvings on the temple walls, in repeated anecdotes, in initiating us in local traditions and their culture. He brought our group of five (consisting of my friends and myself) to local hangouts, showed us how the people in Cambodia lived, away from the usual tourist traps. He was not only our guide during our five days’ stay there, but our concierge, bodyguard and friend.

In all, I took back memories not only of a wonderful place that somehow seemed to have stood still in time, but also of a wonderful person. It has been over two years, and I still receive emails from Kimsan, asking about how I am and my family. I have also recommended Kimsan to my friends visiting Cambodia , and they have also come back with rave reviews about the place, and Kimsan.

If you are going to visit Cambodia , and to witness one of the wonders of the world - look Kimsan up. You’ll be pleasantly surprised that there are more wonders in Angkor Wat than temples, and that is its people.

Jacqueline Khoo,
E-mail: jacqueline@monster-image.com

We met Mr Kim through our hotel when we stayed in Siem Reap for two days. With limited time to see as much of the area and the temple as possible it made sense for us to have a guide. Mr Kim was very polite, friendly and punctual. He listened to us and suggested which areas would suite us best, and when to go to see the temples while avoiding the busiest times.

He gave us detailed information about the areas we saw - adding so much extra to the visit than if we had gone. He was also able to recommend good restaurants, talk about the history of Cambodia and got us help when our camera stopped working!

We felt that we got a real feel for Angkor Wat and Siem Reap without ever being rushed.

Thank you so much!

Best Wishes, E-mail: antony@antonyfield.com

Antony & Caroline Field - San Francisco, USA.

Whilst traveling in Vietnam we met so many people who told us we mustn’t miss out on Angkor Wat and the mystical temples of Cambodia - so we made the effort and we’re so glad we did. Our visit to the temples with Kim San indeed an amazing and spiritual experience and Kim San made the perfect guide. Clearly passionate and proud about the history of the temples and indeed the culture of his country, he enlightened us through this unforgettable journey. His vast experience means he was able to show us the temples away from the madding crowds with insights which I don’t think you would get from any other guide. In short he’s a great guy, a great guide and someone who we would thoroughly recommend and will be sure will meet again when we return. E-mail: cbays@mac.com

Louise and Chris Bays - United Kingdom.

Kim is a fantastic guide for Angkor Wat. He is very well informed and his english is great. He is also a very friendly and caring man who will make your experience at Angkor Wat unforgettable. Thank you Kim for the great day. E-mail: Jeffrey.Greenspoon@jcc.hhsc.ca

Barb and Jeff - Canada.

We were fortunate enough to book Kim San as our guide when we visited Siem Reap in November 2009. Prior to arrival we were communicating with Kim San via e-mail, where Kim San had suggested an itinerary for our stay well fitted to our time schedule and expectations. He offered to pick us up at the airport on arrival. Kim San was on time to all our appointments, and knew exactly where to go when - to escape the crowds in the temple area. He was more than willing to change the programme we had planned to fulfill our wishes as the days went by and we wanted to see more than we actually had planned.
Kim San is the kind of guide that tells you exactly the things you want to know when sightseeing - he is not overwhelming you with detailed information that you don’t really want to know, but he’s telling you the important things about the different complexes. Angkor is so impressive at itself, and it was plenty of time to wander around and admire the beautiful carvings and impressive art in stone.
Kim San is very flexible - he goes where you want, and knows the fastest routes to get there. Kim San arranges everything with the tickets and so on, and also knows where to eat Cambodian and Western food in Siem Reap and in the sightseeing area. You can ask him about everything – and he’ll do his very best to please you! And being able to grab an ice cold bottle of water once you enter the car is more needed than you would
have thought.. We stayed with Kim San for two days, and saw so many things that it felt like a week! Wonderful! We highly recommend a visit to the floating village on Tonle Sap - the floating market in Bangkok is a cultural scam compared to this one! Amazing and vividly alive! Even if you’re tired - do not miss sunrise above Angkor Wat! You arrive with Kim San’s flashlight and gaze up to the stars, and watch the lotus flowers in the pond get slightly more pink for every second. And then you can head back to your hotel for breakfast at 07.30 - having explored the sacred Angkor Wat already! We stayed at Tara Angkor Hotel - and it was great! Exactly the kind of luxury you should have after exploring a former kingdom..
We wouldn’t hesitate on contacting Kim San for guiding if we were to come back to Siem Reap and Cambodia. For us he was the the best guide we could have had - friendly, funny, warm, interested in you, truly Cambodian, flexible and hospitable! We recommend him to all our friends - and to everyone who wants to visit the Angkor area with a bit of comfort and knowledge on the way - and the luxury of always having someone to take your photo in front of the wonders! If you want to contact us you can send an e-mail to: Kari.bjerke@hotmail.com

Steffen & Kari Bjerke, Norway
E-Mail: Kari.bjerke@hotmail.com

Kim San is an excellent guide who speaks very good English and has a wealth of local knowledge, as well as a very good appreciation of the history of Angkor Wat and the surrounding region. Very best wishes. E-mail: Chris.Bunning@alteontraining.com

Mr.Chris Bunning - England.

We had a wonderful time in Cambodia - and we’re very grateful for the information and suggestions that Kim gave us that made the trip so much better. Just a short note to thank him for his guided tour of Angkor Wat recently. It was most interesting, his history knowledge far exceeded my expectations & I learnt such a lot from his commentary. Thank you also for sharing some recent personal history as well, I consider it a privilege. I did enjoy the tour & my brief stay in Cambodia , hope to return the hospitality extended some day when you visit Australia. Kind regards. (jimc@exhibitsystems.com.au)

Jim Cockshell, Account Manager - Australia

My father, my wife, and I just got back from a 2 day trip to Siem Reap and had a great time with an English speaking guide named Kim San, who was recommended to us by a friend of ours. He was extremely friendly, had great command of the language, and was very knowledgeable about the sights. Over the two days, we visited Angkor Wat, Angkor Thom, Bayon, and the fishing village as well as some local sights around Siem Reap. (padhi@chicagogsb.edu)

Adhi, Braveen B. Chigago - USA

September 2009: Kim made my visit to Cambodia a very nice and interesting one. He is very honest, kind and very knowledgeable of the history and places we visited. His English is very good so he can perfectly be tour guide. You won’t be disappointed. I will definitely recommend him to anyone who wants to see a brighter side of Cambodia. E-mail: miriamw@sbcglobal.net

David & Miriam Wilson - USA

Kim San is a qualified Angkor guide that makes him expertly qualified to guide tourists around his hometown and the nearby temples of Angkor in safety. He certainly knows his stuff whether it be each of the main temples in the Angkor complex or more remote and less-visited sites such as Phnom Kulen and other locations well away from the usual tourist trail.
We arranged a five day tour with Kim San and we’re really glad we did. He sorted everything out for us and made our visit to all the sites in and around Siem Reap so easy. Kim is friendly and great fun to be with. He is a resourceful, enthusiastic and trustworthy guide.
We always felt informed and we never felt overwhelmed with information. He introduced us not only to the history and tradition but to the local foods and contemporary customs as well. After we’d seen everything in Siem Reap, Kim drove us all the way to Kampong Cham, sharing much of his fascinating personal history with us as we drove.
He even showed us where to find the crickets and the spiders in the markets and overcame his own fears by trying them with us. If you want to get in touch with the real Cambodia, both ancient and modern, you would be hard pressed to find a better guide than Kim San.

Karl & Safeena Allison – U.K (London)

(karl.allison@gmail.com) (safeena.allison@gmail.com)

We came back from my Siem Reap and Phnom Penh trip and had a wonderful time and experience there. We are both around 69 years old, and thank to a brilliant tour guide who made our trip there even more special. He spoke very good English, very friendly and kind. I strongly welcome anyone to engage his services for those who wish to visit Siam Reap.

Robert & Jane - USA

Just came back from a 3 day trip to Siem Reap and had the most amazing time. Part of it was because of our excellent guide, Mr.Kim. We were able to contact Kim through David who is my best friend. He was very knowledgeable and was very informative on all the temple tours we took. Not only is his English perfect, but unlike some guides, he personally accompanies his guests to see even the highest of temples! He accompanied us all the way up our trek to Phnom Bakheng to watch the sunset and would look out for us each time. We truly enjoyed our Angkor experience. He charges 20 dollars per day plus an extra 25 dollars for a car with driver. The driver he had with him was also excellent and the car was very clean with very cold AC.

Peter & Janifer - UK-London

We spent three days and that was probably about right for us, but we could have managed to do the things we really wanted to do in 3 days. We hired Kim to be our guide and I thought that made it much easier and also more enjoyable and informative. One morning he was not well and so he had his friend, Dara guide us and he was great also and has a wonderful eye for photography. I would also recommend going out to the floating village on Tonle Sap if you can. E-mail: jess.oh@protiviti.com

Jass Oh - Singapore

My friends and I recently returned from a trip to southeast Asia which included a stop in Cambodia for two days. My friends and I are big fans of the show Amazing Race and we actually discovered Kim San through the CBS web site about the show. We were watching the episodes on Angkor Wat and found a comment posted by Kim San because he had appeared in that episode. The show site led me to his web site and before long, we’d arranged for a 2 day tour with San. I’m not sure what our group was more excited about - seeing the sights in Cambodia, or asking San about the tv show!

San put together a tour schedule for our 2 days in Cambodia and from the beginning, when he met us at the airport, we knew we had found a great guide. San is very prepared and organized and approaches his job with a great deal of enthusiasm. We all were left with the impression that he has a lot of pride in his country and its people and he is happy to share this knowledge with visitors.

Each day, San showed up right on schedule, with a cooler of cold water, and a comfortable car with A/C. His English is excellent and by the end, he was joking along with our group so we all had a lot of fun while learning. What is nice about San’s approach to the tour was that he does things in a very specific order to maximize your experience, while minimizing the crowds you will encounter. With all of the tour buses that are in the area, this approach was very much appreciated. We saw everything we wanted to and were not following herds of tour groups. One must see stop for us was the floating villages - definitely add that to your agenda if possible.

San also did a few nice extras for our group which speaks to his thoughfulness - he arranged for us to get tickets to a dance show one night, and arranged for a return trip to the airport with a driver he knew. As with every request or question we had, he was more than accommodating.

We all agreed that our tour with San was a highlight of our entire trip and anyone who is planning a trip to Cambodia should definitely enlist his services — especially if you’re a fan of Amazing Race. You will learn a lot and have a great time!

Ms. Cici Arabian - USA
E-Mail: c_arabian@yahoo.com

Great tour experience for Angkor with Mr. Kim. He was recommended to us by relatives who had visited the Angkor area a month prior. It was an excellent experience and fantastic. He spoke English very well, was knowledgeable and interesting, and was just a nice, pleasant person and he is functional & trustworthy to be around. He was also flexible and helped us design an itinerary according to our interests. He made sure that we visited the temples at the best time so we missed the crowds - sometimes it felt we had the place to ourselves. The car was a clean, comfortable Toyota Camry, and the driver drove very safely - a relief compared to other experiences we’ve had with drivers in SE Asia.

Mike & Peter - Australia. Sydney

I visited the main temples in Siem Reap. I hired a tour guide and a driver so I had great experience with my guide, Kim. He spoke very good English and friendly and taking care of us. I recommend Mr. Kim to anyone traveling to Cambodia who wants a personal and tailored tour experience, rather than a large tour group. Please contact him without hesitating.

Ryon - Canada

My husband and I just returned from our trip to Thailand, of which 4 days were spent in Siem Reap. Based on what I had read on forums I knew that in order to get the most out of your trip you should book a guide to take you around to see the best sights. Not only do you want a guide, but you want a good guide, and that is where Mr. Kim San comes in! He was recommended by others on here and I must say that you will not be disappointed! I booked over the internet from Canada (www.angkor-guides.com, sourtkimsan@yahoo.com) so that we would not miss out on this highly recommended guide. Kim will very promptly answer your emails, and will do the best to make your trip fantastic. We were first timers so we let him take us to places he thought that we would like. Not only did we hit all the highlights but we were shown more of Cambodia by being taken to a house in the country and shown around the property, taken to the local market to see some amazing sights (and smells!), amongst other places. We had only booked 2 days, but enjoyed it some much that we spent a 3rd day with Kim and his driver. The very best though is all of the priceless pictures that Kim took, with us in them, in the most perfect places. It is amazing as we all know that you don’t often get to be in your own pictures. Priceless! We have kept in touch and will continue to do so I am sure. Don’t waste your time in Cambodia, contact Kim and enjoy! Feel free to message me if you have any questions! E-mail: (arc246@mail.usask.ca)

Mrs. April Craney - Canada


We arranged a five day tour with Kim and we’re really glad we did. He sorted everything out for us and made our visit to all the sites in and around Siem Reap so easy. Kim is friendly and great fun to be with. We always felt informed and we never felt overwhelmed with information. He introduced us not only to the history and tradition but to the local foods and contemporary customs as well. After we’d seen everything in Siem Reap, Kim drove us all the way to Kampong Cham, sharing much of his fascinating personal history with us as we drove. He evenshowed us where to find the crickets and the spiders in the markets and overcame his own fears by trying them with us. If you want to get in touch with the real Cambodia, both ancient and modern, you would be hard pressed to find a better guide than Kim.



From the reviews I read and my e-mail exchanges, I expected Kim San would be a good guide. He was very patient with me trying to tweak my itinerary over several e-mails over a week and he replied promptly.

I’d like to give my full recommendation for Kim San. He speaks excellent English and is very knowledgeable. He was constantly pointing out areas of interest as we were driving. He helped us understand the history of the temples and told us some stories about growing up during the civil war. He pointed out the good areas for pictures and was happy to snap photos for my mother and I. He made a big effort to help my mom. She’s in her 70’s and recently had a knee problem so it was hard for her to walk steps. He helped her up the stairs and through the more difficult areas. Of course, I tried to do that myself, but it was nice that he was so helpful. Finally, he went the extra distance with service in general. He insisted on carrying our umbrellas for us. He had cool towels and cold water ready in the car after each temple stop. Having a cooler was nice touch. We had just finished a two week tour in Vietnam. They had bottled water for us there every stop but none of them had a cooler for us. Oh, he even bought me a Diet coke one day. I inquired about how much a can was and I didn’t want to pay $1 for it. The next thing I know, he surprises me later with a Diet Coke.


Mr. Teddy Delacruz - USA

E-mail: rhwbullhead@aol.com